ASTS Online Summer Market! 🌈 Resin & Be Thankful

Hello all!

Resin & Be Thankful will be participating in the ASTS Online Summer Market hosted by And So To Shop where you'll have access to a 10% off sale (minimum 2 orders) for only that weekend!

New items available during the market:


✅ The Rainbow Propagation Vases I've created out of upcycled spice jars will be available this weekend too! Super cute for propagating Devil's Ivy and avocado seeds!

✅ All kinds of scrap coasters! Made of upcycled scraps like broken Portuguese tiles (provided by Gazete Azulejos), upcycled rose quartz shredded plastics (provided by Rags to Riches) and upcycled shredded plastic bags (shredded and collected by me).

✅ Seascape Mini Collection! A collection made of upcycled yarn trimmings provided by Boho Eve.

✅ Spectrum Range! A made-to-order range specific for PRIDE Month where 50% of all profits from each purchase will be donated to LGBT Youth Scotland.

There'll hundreds of amazing indie businesses that'll be participating in the online market too. Look forward to an amazing indie online market!

See you there my dudes! 

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