Collaboration with Boho Eve ♻️ Seascape Mini Collection & Giveaway!

Hello all!

Wanted to write this blog post to quickly announce that I'm doing an awesome collaboration with the lovely gal, Boho Eve! 

Seascape Mini Collection

Let me introduce you to the Seascape Mini Collection inspired by the Scottish Seascape, launching on this website on Saturday the 15th of May at 10am!

For this collaboration, I'm using yarn trimming waste materials provided by Eve, who has so generously sent over the excess trimmings from her products. She uses sustainable yarn (made of waste from landfills) to create the most gorgeous macrame pieces and unique jewellery! And with those trimmings, I've made a small batch of products with unique patterns and abstract designs. 

I've created designs with Eve's yarn trimmings to mimic the beautiful Scottish seascape! I mean, they look like seaweed and sea anemone waving in seawater! It's really quite magical. These designs will be available in sets of coasters, dishes and plant pots (with dishes to come as a set).

Eve has also made a few of her really cute macrame plant hangers that you can buy from her shop here (baby plant hangers will be available on the 15th of May along side the Seascape Mini Collection!). Each order you make on her website will plant a tree! So you'll be supporting a zero waste collab + planting a tree for our planet too! What a win!

FUN FACT ♻️ Did you know that the yarn @bohoeve_ uses for her macrame creations are made of materials collected from landfills? The colours aren't dyed on either, they're created by mixing together waste materials! How insane is that? 😍 This definitely makes our zero waste collab even more special!


To celebrate this amazing collaboration, we're also doing a GIVEAWAY where you can stand a chance to win 2 cute plant hangers (one in white and another in 3 colours) made by Eve and 2 Seascape plants pots made by me! They're a match made in heaven!! Head on over to Instagram to participate! 

Anyway HAVE FUN ALL and I hope you enjoy this mini-collection as much as I've enjoyed making them!


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