Collaboration with Sew Hayley Jane 🧶🧷✂️

Hello all!

EXCITING NEWS! For this months Sew Hayley Jane subscription box, you'll receive a handmade needle minder made by ME! YESSS! How exciting!

The theme for this month's Sew Hayley Jane box is "to the countryside" and so I made needle minders made of resin, dried flowers/leaves and also plastic bags.

Recently (in Scotland and I'm pretty sure in many parts of the UK), many people have been carelessly leaving trash in rural areas after camping, hill-walking or just when they go out for picnics for a day. It's really frustrating to see so much litter being left behind! The reason I used plastic bags is to remind others that littering in rural areas is a huge problem and plastic bags are usually one of the waste materials that contribute to the destruction of our countrysides. Wherever you go in nature, leave nothing behind and everything untouched! 

I hope that with these really cute and simple needle minders design, it will encourage mindfulness and self-reflection while you exercise your amazing hobby of sewing.

Anyway, it's extremely exciting to see many people receiving these needle minders that I've been making for the passed few weeks!! And I'm so glad you all like it too.

I really want to make more custom wholesale orders so if you are a business that is interested in working together with me, please contact be via the form on my website or you can even email me at

TTYL y'all!


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