Dreamy Collection at Fruitmarket Bookshop in Edinburgh! ☁️

I'm so proud to say that I've been commissioned recently to create a collection for Fruitmarket Bookshop and Gallery inspired by the recent exhibition currently open right now in Edinburgh!

This Dreamy Collection was SO fun to design, especially with this completely new colour palette. My designs are meant heavily inspired by Karla Black's work and play around materials and colour. 

Many have commented that the Dreamy Collection reminds them of clouds and cotton candy! And I agree! VERY fantastical.

I recently visited the exhibition too. I was particularly impressed by the motivation behind the finished sculptures - to express how art can be based on how you feel at that very moment - like how children draw how they feel when given the opportunity. 

The Dreamy Tray and Pen Holder are now available to order from my website AND are available to purchase at the Fruitmarket Bookshop as a wee souvenir. 

Enjoy! x

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