Indie Roller Fri-YAY Surprise Event! ūüĆą PRIDE MONTH!

On the 28th of May, I'll be participating in another fantastic event hosted by Indie Roller called the Fri-YAY Surprise! And for this event, we're being challenged to launch 1 completely new item that'll be made available to the public and to think differently when it comes to running our small indie biz. 

So for this Indie Roller Fri-YAY Surprise Event, I'm going to be:

✅ Launching my brand new Spectrum Range, in conjunction with PRIDE MONTH

‚úÖ Donating 50% of the profits from each purchase of the Spectrum Range to LGBT Youth Scotland

✅  Challenging myself by making the Spectrum Range made-to-order


What is the Spectrum Range?

Each item will be made of a range of different scrap materials to represent the many different types of people within the spectrum of sexuality in the world! This range is something very special to me because I really wanted to do something symbolic but also to show my support to the LGBT community.


Why the Spectrum Range?

I come from a country where, by law, the LGBT community are still criminalised for simply being who they are and for loving who they want. I have best friends who suffer the consequences of this backwards mentality and stigma, and I really don't want anyone to have to succumb to such discrimination and hate. So with this Spectrum Range, I hope I can do my part in supporting an organisation that helps struggling youths within the LGBT community, by donating 50% of all profits from this range to the LGBT Youth Scotland.

The Spectrum Range will always be available on my shop but the purpose of this range is to celebrate PRIDE. So go ahead, purchase something to celebrate your sexuality OR show your support and love towards your LGBT friends and family by purchasing a wee gift for them from me! And on the plus side, 50% of profits will go to charity! WIN-WIN!

Happy shopping all! I hope this creation of mine is love by you all as much as it is by me.

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