Reduce, Reuse, Recycle! ♻️

Hello all! In this blog post, I wanted to touch on the notion of "Reduce, Reuse, Recycle" and how we as a community can implement these positive habits into our daily lives.

I'm not an environmentalist, nor am I proclaiming myself as a martyr of the planet. I'm only human and I definitely am guilty of taking our environment for granted with the amount of packaging I've thrown out, or clothes I used to mindlessly buy from fast-fashion brands, or even the amount of takeaway cups I used to use while having my daily coffee.

That being said, we all have to start somewhere! Even if your actions are small, they truly do contribute and create a positive impact towards the world. Here are a few habits you can adopt to change your lifestyle for the better:

1) Shop local, small and independent

I'm not only saying this because I'm an indie biz owner (lol don't forget to check out my online shop ok?) but shopping local, small and independent can help reduce the need for production of cheap goods made quickly and unsustainably. Fast-fashion is one of the leading causes of pollution with extremely harmful contents in the fabrics being dumped into the earth's rivers (source). Not only that, the unethical treatment of workers and exploitation of under-privileged communities to produce cheap clothing is another reason not to support big brands!

Local, small and independent makers and shops produces items slowly, with a lot of attention to details and sometimes, with their own bare hands. It's a way of supporting local business within your area, obtaining high quality items for yourself while also reducing the need for anything "fast", like fast fashion.

Here's a list of makers and creators that I support from the UK! Check them out:

2) Switch to reusable items

One of the items I introduced into my life was a reusable takeaway coffee cup from KeepCup (although obviously right now, during the global health crisis, this might be difficult to use and implement for obvious reasons). Have a look at KeepCup's website. Their mission is to reduce the use of single-use takeaway cups altogether! This was one of the easiest transitions towards reducing single-use items ever. It just became a very easy habit to adopt, carrying a reusable takeaway cup in my bag every time I went into the city centre for work. 

Another items to stop using altogether should be plastic shopping bags! In the UK, they've implemented a 20p fee for every bag you buy or might even provide compostable bags, but just avoid this altogether and carry a tote bag/eco-shopping bag along with you whenever you go grocery shopping. Saves the hassle of constantly purchasing a new bag and also save you some coins!

3) Shop second-hand or vintage

I'm a big advocate for buying pre-loved items! I LOVE shopping for vintage items and discovering little treasures in charity shops or markets. Especially when you find a vintage luxury branded good for a fraction of the price. I have a Levis jacket that I love so much and it costed way less than what a new one would! It also lasts for like ever, so it's a total win!

You can find all kinds of treasures in charity shops around the UK. By shopping at charity shops, you'd be supporting organisations that truly contribute to the improvement of research and the enhancement of the quality of life of under-privileged communities.

Also, by doing this, you not only save money but you're able to reduce the need for fast-fashion/production of cheap goods, and also provide yourself with an opportunity to upcycle! Imagine finding an ol' skool coffee table and painting it into a colourful and unique masterpiece for your home!

Anyway, I hope this blog post was insightful. Remember, when Reducing, Reusing and Recycling, start small and try incorporating positive habits into your lifestyle. It's the best and easiest way to make a positive impact towards the environment  ♻️

Signing off,

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