What exactly is UPCYCLING? ♻️

Hello all! For my blog post, I wanted to explain what upcycling is and why it's an important aspect of Resin & Be Thankful!

As you may already know, upcycling plays a huge part in the core of this business. It's a value that I wish to uphold with every product I create with my hands. So hopefully this blog post can further expand your understanding of what upcycling really is and why it's important for everyone to adopt it as a positive habit!

What is "upcycling"?

According to Google, the definition of upcycle is "to reuse discarded objects or material in such a way as to create a product of higher quality or value than the original."

Why is upcycling important?

Our environment is polluted with all kinds of waste products, a majority of it being single-use plastics. Did you know that the world produces 381 million tonnes in plastic waste yearly? Only 50% of this is single-use plastic & only 9% has ever been recycled (Source). 

These statistics are so terrifying and personally makes me feel quite sad about the state of our environment and the animals that we're negatively impacting with our plastic habits.

Upcycling is a practice that everyone of us can adopt into our daily lives, even if it's something small like turning your old socks into old cleaning rags or turning your glass bottles into vases or lamps! Small steps towards positive changed will make a difference!

Who is your upcycling inspiration?

There are many people who are trying their best to reduce plastic pollution and banding together to help heal the planet. I have a couple favourites that I'd like to share with you in this blog post!

(Photo from Diana Rikasari's Instagram)

A person that I look up to when it comes to sustainable practices is Diana Rikasari! She's an Indonesian fashion icon who constantly advocates for sustainable fashion habits. She also has a fashion brand called iWearUp, which has so many incredibly colourful and pretty designs for shoes which incorporate recycled rubber in their soles!

(Photo from Sea Bell's Instagram)

Another shout out goes to Malaysian company, Sea Bells. They are passionate divers and a who really care about our oceans. They constantly go out to Malaysian beaches for a clean-up and they also replant damaged coral with every shirt purchased from their website. It's an amazing initiative!

(Photo from Ero Design Studio's Instagram)

Lastly, Ero Design Studio, a new Instagram friend I've made who has the same mission as I do when it comes to transforming plastic wastes into something beautiful! They go around collecting plastic waste around Scottish beaches and make them into beautiful jewellery! I absolutely love their work and am waiting for a pair of earrings to arrive in the post that I'd commissioned!

How is Resin & Be Thankful upcycling?

My biggest goal is to use waste materials to try and create beautiful products to bring joy to your homes! In a way, I'm wanting to take very small steps in somehow helping to heal our environment. Currently, I source shredded plastic from local recycling centres and voluntary facilities like Precious Plastics UK. I also utilise packaging that I receive from deliveries, flyers and food products from big grocery outlets. Currently I'm also trying to source other materials like scraps of tile, 3D printer plastics, used tea leaves and so much more! The possibilities are endless!
I hope this short blog post was informative and helps provide with a bit of insight regarding why Resin & Be Thankful puts value in the act of upcycling.

Til next time!

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