In this section, you'll find important information about all the handmade products that I produce for my business:

1) What are the products made of?

The main materials is epoxy resin which incapsulates waste materials. Waste materials can be anything from shredded PP plastic, paper packaging from deliveries, dry food products, flyers etc, scraps from 3D printers, tiles etc to dried up flowers and tea leaves. All materials used will be disclosed in the description section of the products in the website.

2) Where do you get your waste materials?

I source the shredded PP plastics from recycling centres or organisations that focus on reducing and upcycling plastic wastes like Precious Plastics. I also upcycle a lot of packaging materials that I personally purchase from grocery shops and also receive scraps from my talented friends who create products themselves like Gazete Azulejos and Scrap.mode.

I'm looking to source plastics waste materials closer to home (Glasgow) so if you are a supplier/recycling centre that sells shredded plastic, please let me know so we can chat! 

3) Is everything handmade?

Yes. Everything, including concept, design, production and packaging is made by me in my little corner in my home in Glasgow. 

4) Will everything be as perfect as industrial products?

No. I'm not a machine, everything is handmade by my little hands so please expect imperfections. There will most likely be tiny bubbles, a bit of scuff marks from the silicone moulds, some textures from the waste materials, but ultimately everything is handmade, one-of-a-kind and each product has unique characteristics!