Shredded Plastic Bag Coasters

Shredded Plastic Bag Coasters

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[MADE TO ORDER] Protect your coffee table while enhancing your home with a set of 4 of colourfulĀ Shredded Plastic Bag Coasters! šŸŒˆĀ  TheseĀ coastersĀ will definitely help brighten up your living room and be an extension of your amazing upcycle identity!

All design are unique due to the nature of the random shapes of shredded plastic single-use bags. EachĀ coaster set design will come in sets of 4 and will be chosen at random for you!

ā™»ļø Coasters are handmade using epoxy resin and an upcycled waste material including random shredded single-use plastic bags. We are on a mission to reduce plastic waste around the world by making you pretty things for your home!

Please noteĀ āš ļø
āœ…Ā Each Shredded Plastic Bag Coasters set are handmade by me
āœ…Ā Each Shredded Plastic Bag Coasters setĀ are one-of-a-kind
āœ… Please allow 1 week for production and postage

Because each product is handmade by me in the small corner of my home here in Glasgow, it is inevitable that there will be imperfections such as little bubbles, slight textures from shredded plastics, and very slight scuff marks from the silicone moulds. I personally think that these add to the character of each piece! Please understand that every piece isĀ uniqueĀ and made with all the love in the world, despite their imperfections!

Postage: I'd like to put a disclaimer that once the packages are with the post services, I will notĀ be heldĀ responsibleĀ for any lostĀ goods.Ā 

From the Royal Mail website: "You can confirm when your parcelā€™sĀ been delivered or attempted to be deliveredĀ here. Online delivery confirmation is not a tracked service. You canā€™t track your parcel through Royal Mailā€™s network, but can check online to confirm itā€™s been delivered."